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歷史 Church History

1972 四位就讀奧克拉荷馬大學的“寂寞”華人基督徒在某週五晚上開始了諾曼中文查經班,彼此聚在一起團契、查經、關懷與鼓勵。 當時的聚會場所是在諾曼第一長老教會。他們帶領了許多諾曼地區華人歸主,而大多數的新信徒是在諾曼第一浸信會受洗。
Four "lonely" Chinese Christians at the University of Oklahoma got together and they started the Norman Chinese Bible Study Class (NCBSC) on one Friday evening. The group met together for fellowship, Bible study and to care for one another. The group used the facilities at First Presbyterian Church in Norman at first, but as they began to reach out to the Chinese community in Norman most new believers were baptized at the First Baptist Church in Norman.
1980s 1980年代初,諾曼中文查經班開始尋找屬於自己的教會。一位弟兄在Farmers街402號買了一棟房子,想要開始一間家庭教會。這間房子叫做“弟兄之家”,因為只有主內弟兄才能居住在此。
In the early 1980s, the NCBSC group began to look for a church to identify with. One brother bought a house at 402 Farmers Street with the intention of starting a family church. It was called "The Brother's House" because only Christian brothers were allowed to live there.
1983 諾曼中文查經在多位神學生和達城華人聖經教會的幫助下舉行了第一次的中文主日崇拜。崇拜後有簡單午餐供應,是特別為住在宿舍的學生們所預備。這是現在團契午餐的起源。
The first Chinese Sunday worship service was held, with help from seminary students and Dallas Chinese Bible Church. Simple lunches were provided, especially for students that lived in the dorms. This marked the beginning of the fellowship lunches.
1984年秋, 白保羅牧師(Moore第一浸信會牧師)、Boyed Rayburn牧師(浸聯會教會植堂事工負責人)和宋織詩姊妹(已退休的香港宣教士)有負擔成立一間華人宣教會。他們邀請諾曼中文查經班來分享他們的異像;大家的心都因此被挑旺起來了!
In Fall 1984, Rev. Paul Box (Pastor at First Baptist, Moore), Rev. Boyd Rayburn (Church Planter, Union Association) and Sister Jaxie Short (Retired Missionary to Hong Kong) were led to start a Chinese Mission. The Norman Chinese Bible Study Class was invited the share the vision - and we caught on fire!
1985 1985年1月20日,加利利華人浸信宣教會正式成立。當時約有二十位會友。神呼召陸幸泉牧師擔任第一任牧師(1985-1991)。
On January 20, 1985 the Calvary Chinese Baptist Mission was established with about 20 members. Rev. Sam Luk was called to be the first pastor (1985-1991).
1991 1990至1991年間,加利利華人浸信宣教會在母會Moore第一浸信會的協助下制訂了教會章程,內容大致是根據美南浸信會地方教會的傳統,包括公開會議,投票,同工推薦、和牧會指導方針。
In 1990-91 the Calvary Chinese Baptist Mission established a constitution and by-laws as a mission of FBC Moore that somewhat followed SBC local church traditions with open meetings, votes, committee recommendations, and pastoral guidance.
陳燕玲姊妹於1991至1995年間加入神的事工擔任代理牧師。當時主日信息輪流由燕玲姊妹、胡為善弟兄、Eddie Upshaw弟兄和黃國興弟兄傳講。之後黃國興弟兄蒙神呼召,並按立成為牧師。
Sister Annie Tan served as the interim pastor/coordinator during 1991-1995. Preaching duties were rotated among Annie, John Hu, Eddie Upshaw, and K.S. Wong who was eventually called by God to the pastorate.
1994 1994年11月,教會正式更名為奧南華人浸信會、並制定新的教會章程。
In November 1994, the church was officially renamed to Southern Oklahoma Chinese Baptist Church (SOCBC) with a revised set of governance documents (incorporation papers, constitution, bylaws, operational procedures, and explanations).
1995 1995年9月3日,神呼召已是教會多年會友的黃國興弟兄來牧養祂的羊群。
On September 3, 1995, God called Brother K.S. Wong, who had been a member of the group since its early days, to shepherd His sheep.
In December 1995, the church voted to move to Norman. The facility of First Free Will Baptist Church at 625 E Frank Street in Norman which seats 400+ was purchased for $188,000 and it was completely paid for within 6 months of moving in.
2003 黃國興牧師在牧會八年之後,離開奧南華人浸信會、舉家赴海外宣教 。
After serving as the pastor of SOCBC for 8 years, Pastor Wong and his family left to serve overseas.
2006 教會呼召徐英弟兄自2006年1月18日起擔任傳道、主要負責兒童與青少年事工。
The church called Brother Oleg Nyu to serve as Staff Minister with emphasis on work with Children and Youth, beginning on January 18, 2006.
2009 經過五年的禱告尋找新的主任牧師,神垂聽了禱告,親自揀選一位神的僕人來帶領奧南華人浸信會。胡春華牧師應教會呼召於2009年4月1日正式擔任主任牧師。
After 5 years of prayerful searching for a new pastor, God provided the person He chose to become pastor of the Southern Oklahoma Chinese Baptist Church. Pastor James Foo was called by the church and took up his pastoral responsibilities on April 1, 2009.